Kevin Smith has explored several facets of the industry like acting, filmmaking, directing, scriptwriting and so, and is a known face to all of us.

But interestingly, we have always seen Kevin this big and huge.

Kevin Smith Weight Loss

According to Kevin, he has weight issues from the very start.

Being the youngest of his parents, he has the freedom to indulge in whatever he liked, for his parents were ‘too tired’ to do his upbringing in a disciplined way.

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The 47 years old was spoilt enough to live a carefree lifestyle and pay less heed to his growing weight.

Kevin received a reality check through an incidence that occurred in 2010.

He was offloaded from a flight for he was considered too heavy to travel. The director also made a documentary post the ordeal, by the name, ‘Too fat for 40”.

However, something that served as a turning point for him was the anti-sugar documentary, Fed Up.

The movie inspired the Silent Bob of Clerks to a point that he readily altered his lifestyle upside down.

Age: 47 years.
Height: 1.75m (5.7 feet)
Weight loss: 85lbs.


Kevin Smith weight loss was a result of a healthy lifestyle. Kevin, who was habitual of overeating and junk, restored his nutritional sanity after being inspired by the Oscar-nominated movie, Fed Up.

Kevin Smith Weight Loss PhotosAccording to him, his outlook on health and diet completely changed and he decided to switch to a lifestyle that can help him get over with his excess weight naturally.

As most of us know, Fed Up is an excellent piece of work by Stephanie Soechtig.

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It is based on the most concerning issue in US, obesity. The movie highlights the contributing factors of obesity and how heavily the processed and fast foods add to the concern.

While the movie inspired millions with its evidences and findings, it also encouraged Kevin to change his habits for the betterment of health.

Overjoyed and excited Kevin announced his weight loss success on his Twitter account by posting Kevin Smith before and after photos.


Like many of us, weight loss for Kevin was accompanied with a plethora of challenges. But he was adamant, and that worked in his favor.

Initially, the actor has to made efforts from the scratch as his diet was completely unhealthy and off the track. In addition to avoiding junk, he kept himself away from drinks with high sugar content.

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According to him, he would consume a lot of sodas and sugar based juices in the past, which was definitely contributing to his weight.

However, the very essential change he made in Kevin Smith diet was purging off such liquids and shifting himself to natural juices.

Interestingly, as soon as he pulled his hands off such drinks, he experienced a noticeable decline in his weight.

Kevin feels that since he has made a wise choice in the consumption of liquid, he feels more energetic and active throughout.

When asked pertaining to his exercises and workout, Kevin responded in denial. According to him, he is not really into workouts at all.  For him, walking is his exercises!

 Kevin Smith Shares His Weight Loss Secret

Thus, there is nothing with regard to training he credits for his weight loss success.

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But he has a hill right outside his home, on which he likes to walk along with his dog.

He would walk on it until he sweats and breathes heavily. This is what he believes, the crux of Kevin Smith workout!

A close acquaintance of Kevin, Scott Mosier has suggested him to train his body and seek a professional trainer for the purpose.

However, the suggestion sounds quite weird to Kevin who believes that he can be slimmer, but can never be in a best shape.

Of course, he desires to see some toned muscles on his body, at least before he dies!


Kevin Smith’s amazing weight loss journey is inspiring.

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No wonder we do not see any shredded muscles or six-pack abs on his body, but at least, he has a healthy weight now.

Prop up to his high spirits and positivity to bring the change.

He is a role model for people struggling against weight or is looking forward for some fitness motivation. 

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